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Trofimov Family.

Andrey Trofimov and his family: wife Larissa and their two boys - Vova and Ivan, are remarkable with their optimism and thirst for life. Dad - Andrey, generator of new ideas, is devoted to the development of his children, he always finds new hobbies. Mom - Larissa, an active aid for all Andrey's initiatives.

1.Epiphany on the Lubertsy quarry

January 2007. Andrey Trofimov. Link (in Russian)

Swimming in an Ice Hole - This is Courageous!

Today we celebrated Epiphany on the Big Rocky peninsula of the Lubertsy quarry. There were three families, three adults and five kids ages one to nine took a dip. It is a blessing to swim in a big company with children: they are full of joy and pass it on other kids and parents.
Thank you ice-hole swimmers of the Lubertsy quarry for their nice hole. I wish epiphany to you all!
Here are eight most successful pictures, Cathy's and mine:
Measuring the depth of the ice hole
This is me about to measure the depth of the ice hole. I found out it is up to my very ears.
Fine sand
Cathy checks the state of the river bottom. Fine sand.
The kids before...
The kids before...
The kids during...
The kids during...
And the kids after...
And the kids after...
Warmed up!
Warmed up!
Following the elder sister
Following the elder sister
The craic!
The craic!


Be realistic: ask for the impossible!


February 2007. In a naturist base near Moscow. Taken from: (in Russian)

Snowy Games.

This time our naturist base didn't get its usual ice hole: the lake has freezed so deeply that our gasoline-powered saw came powerless. Weather forecast promised night temperature down to -30°C (-22°F), and it seemed to us that our naturism won't get outside the sauna. However all these sad suppositions got disproved the very first night! And this has been done by the children who simply didn't want to go to bed.

Air of Freedom

A naturist base for children is the time of total freedom and happinness. Nobody looks after them, we adults take rest from them and they from us. One late night three girls and two boys have spent too much time in the sauna, and began to behave in a queer way.

Our children live through the age of "the war of the genders". They all need to prove to each other who is stronger. Dare to run naked around the house? Let's run! It is -20°C (-4°F) outside, the "circle" happens to be 200 meters in length, but they run anyway, you could only see their bare feet in the light of the street lamps.

To the lake we go

By the lake

The Assault of the Barriers

The run is finished. They recovered their breath. They warmed up. Their soles are still burning, yet they start to dare each other: are you afraid to make another circle, with a jump into a snowdrift at the end? I understand that for them it is a night of magic. They run for the second time as if they are used to it: the kids at the head and the adults following them. The door is near, and behind it a hot sauna. Will they decide or not? The kids walk now and look at each other... Then a twelve-years-old girl jumps naked in the snow, for the first time in her life, breaking the crust with her elbows and the knees! My boys hesitate, the girls notice it and jump in the snow to follow their friend! Silvery dust comes up, the boys run to the porch, and I say to myself: "Oh My!"

My eagles sit as wet chicken in the sauna. But if you could see the girls' eyes! They won! We are stronger! You are loosers! They don't care about burning soles and scratched knees. They look arrogant and courageous. In that state people can accomplish exploits or take any barriers. Gosh, if we had an ice hole, they would jump into without hesitation. However we don't have any hole, and while they warm themselves up, we need to think about the next challenge for them. Without loosing of sight my own boys.

- I am sure you won't be able to walk down the lake. It's dark there, and you can not run as you need to step slowly and carefully. You can put on slippers, but you will never be able to run in them. Would you be able to walk outside as it was summer?
- We will do it! And the boys are loosers!

Everybody has not warmed up yet, but they already jump eagerly, want to get out. My boy are imaptient too, and I understand suddenly that "the war of the genders" took me too. However we stay inside until the perspiration gets into eyes.

Tag and Chase

It is the middle of the night, the new moon shines. This time we get out with slippers on, and don't rush on the slippery porch. It looks like a strong frost, but our skin doesn't feel it. We head out toward the lake, which is more than 100 meters away.
- Hey kids, the one who starts jumping and squeaking "Ouch, it is too cold!" - will ruin our entire expedition! They walk calmly on the outside but look at each other with attention: who will show his weakness? The little girl has a suffering expression on her face, the arms are tight around her body.
- Put down your arms and relax, look how the others are walking. More you tighten up and more you get cold. She puts down her arms without conviction, looks at the others. When my elder son notices her look, he too takes his arms off his breast. The girl's suffering expression gives way to a smile. After about ten steps she is surprised herself:
- Indeed, yes, it looks warmer now!

A snowdrift      A snowdrift

Our eyes get used to the darkness, we get on the lake. On the spot of the would-be ice-hole the path ends. On the other shore stand empty summer houses. The barrier is taken, we can go home, but we are almost not cold! The ice is thik, the snow on it is not deep, may be we can take the risk? It is a magic night for me too. It looks like my blood turned out to a pure adrenaline. - Would you be afraid to get to the other side? - But it's full of snow! We'll loose our slippers… I take them off and run on the virgin snow. My calculations are right: there is just enough of snow so the ice is not slippery. Who is left behind? Boy, my kids have lost again: only three bare foot girls are catching me in the moon light. After some fifty meters my feet begin to fall through snow knee deep – this is the other side of the lake. We hurry back to our slippers. There we find my boys with eyes fixing their feet. Suddenly my heroic girls flying over the barriers begin to moan and to cry! Indeed some snow got into the slippers which turned out to ice and painfully burns our toes whic didn't loose their sensitivity. Only the thirst of the final victory makes the girls to suffer and silently walk back. The hardened slippers cut their tender soles, but their soul sings!

Victory is final: the boys make a declaration in the sauna, telling us that they abandon and won't come outside anymore. It seems that we need to go to bed, but what shall we do with all this adrenaline in our blood? So we invent yet another challenge, and give each other our word that it will be the last one.

A Jump Over the Head

I have no doubt that the children will remember this night for all their life. They walked nude outside by a freezing temperature and they didn't get cold. The girsl went out to a dark empty lake – and they were not afraid. Together, they took off the slippers and went on the snow – without hesitation. On the other side of they lake they didn't come back immediately, oh no: under the moonshine they jumped into a deep snow, they floundered in it and helped each other with snow shower! Then, still covered in snow, they ran back on the night lake ice. Then, all wet, in the clouds of vapor they put back their hardened slippers – with no moans. Their shaken parents silently looked on them.

They were heading back fromt the lake without hurry, as it was a june not february night, and it was not paved with snow but with poplar blossom. The adults walked behind, and we all had the feeling of the irreality of the events. I asked the girls to turn back. They smiled:
- We simply can not believe that we could do it! Tomorrow we will wake up and will think that we all had the same dream…
&quoute;You won't be the only ones to believe it!&quoute; - I thought then.



Life on the Other Side

We had yet three other happy days on the naturist base. New people came, the number of kids reached a dozen, who used the gymnasium to play Tag and Chase, Tag with Ball, and Pulling the Rope games (yet again the girls were the winners). There were ski walks and downhill skiing. The games on the snow stopped to be extreme with the sun, but became a usual part of the sauna time. Two other times the girls went to bath in the snow on the lake, taking some adults and the fourth girl with them. On the second day, having a innumerable quantity of bare foot circles around the house, the boys have done it again. My eagles gradually started to enjoy a dip into a pool of ice or a burial in the snow, in the nude. The adults tried to follow the kids as much as they could: they learned to jog bare foot, to snow bathe and to ice dip and also added snow badminton to their exploits. We lost the fear of snow and frost so much that played tag and chase on the ice of this very lake. At the end of our stay there eight kids and sixteen adults took part in snowy games. Nobody got frozen or got cold. There were enthusiastic children, proud adults, and also happy parents: we saw that our children got better in certain things then ourselves.

Author: Andrey, February 2007




Trofimovs on Naturism. A Link (in Russian)

This is not an instruction on "How to Make your Spouse a Naturist". Each family's experience is unique. Somehow we managed to do that. I asked then my wife to recall how it happened.
"The first time I swam naked was the very summer of our marriage. We went walking to a park late in the evening, and it was total darkness when we went out to a lake. You began to talk me in taking a dip. The water was warm enough, so I agreed. We swam naked because we didn't take any swimming suit with us and there was nobody around, and it was dark anyway. I remembered this night bath, but not because I swam without a swimsuit.
This summer we swam in the nude a couple of times, when we were camping by a river. We did it in the day light, and it had nothing to do with naturism anyway – there was no living soul around, and we went straight to the tent afterward, which was standing only three yards from the shore.
It is that very year that I learned of the existence of Serebryany Bor. We were simply walking and you pointed me some distant shore and said that there naturists who gather there in the summer and that you used to swim there too. As the beach was desert, I didn't pay attention to your words.
I disrobed for the first time "in public" five years later. Because of the ice-hole swimming. We had two boys already, and we were hardening their health, and you dipped them into the ice-hole. The elder son was crying so hard that I wanted to feel myself if this is really so terrible. The first time I bathed in a swimming suit – one-piece swimming suit. I found out that it was not so terrible, and the next time we came back on the next day. That winter we became regulars.
Akademichesky Lake is a fairly popular place among ice-hole swimmers. I noticed that many men, as yourself, go into the ice-hole without swimming trunks, as well as some women who go there topless or in the nude. And no spectators nor swimmers seem concerned. That is near this ice-hole that we got acquainted with the family of Alyona and Dima. They took their son to the hole too. He was the same age as our elder, but his reaction to the ice-cold water was quite different. They were an interesting company. Alyona was talking about the method of early reading with help of Zaytsev's cubes, and I was watching what she was doing with attention. Alyona always swam nude in the ice-hole, so she had no problem with the freezing wet bathing suit. I noticed that she was not troubled by her husband nor the spectators about her nudity.
One day when there were no crowd on the shore, I decided myself. When I took off my clothes and went to the edge of the hole, one of the fishermen cried me across the lake: "That's brave of you, lady!" I guess his enthusiasm was sparked by the fact I was about to take a plunge, not the fact that I was naked. [I am not so sure – A.T] I understood that swimming in an ice-hole with nothing is much better. I did not become a naturist though. To disrobe in presence of strangers seemed unnatural to me then. When other people were present I continued to put on a swimming suit.
Only two years late I came to a true nudist beach. It was a very hot summer, and we stayed in Moscow. We went to swim with the children on the same Akademichesky Lake. It was very crowded and the beach was full of garbage. One sunday you talked me into going to Serebryany Bor. The main argument was that it had the cleanest water in Moscow, the boys could play on the sand and there is less garbage and drunk people on the nudist beach.
We went there then. When we walked to the beach, I was shocked by the sight of all those fat men's bellies and penises. Never in my life could I see such a huge number of them at the same time. There were almost no women and no one single family with kids. But it is true the beach was less crowded, so we could easily find a nice spot. As I didn't take my swimming suit I didn't want to disrobe and stayed in jeans and T-shirt.
As the children were still small (they went without underwear even on an ordinary beach), they took off their clothes without problem and followed you on the beach. Very soon another family came nearby: dad, mom and son, about the same age as our boys. All got naked, the parents taking a sunbath on the sand and the child playing nearby. Then you came back, and the children began to play together.
After awhile I felt hot, so I took off my clothes without much hesitation. It didn't even come to my mind to stay in underwear, as nobody around us did it. But I remember well that couldn't go to swim alone, so I asked you to go along to the water with me and then back.
However even this first visit of a nude beach didn't make me a convinced naturist! We could not go to Serebryany Bor too often that summer, and in my mind stayed an impression of too much male meat and a feeling not of some kind of perversion but of something dirty.
This feeling came away only three years later, when we went to a seminar in an ecovillage of Grishino. The hosts warned us beforehand that the bath is common in the village and this rule also applies to the guests. Since the seminar was conducted by our good friend Alexander Metelkin, it ment that I was to stand naked in from not of strangers as it was in the ice-hole on in Serebryany Bor, but in front of people with whom I was to deal afterwards. I was not sure now if I had to go to the bath. However Alexander whom I used to listen carefully said: "e;You absolutely need to go to the bath. I feel you have an psychological problem – and we need to get rid of it. This will help"e; I followed his advice, and it really helped me.
Then that same summer we went to know the family of Obruch. They are former city dwellers who live in Karelia now for almost ten years, in a village called Neo-Ecoville, by a shore of a forest lake. They found their form of harmony between the world of the Nature and the world of the People, they learned to get along with the minimum amount of money, to grow an excellent harvest even on the scant Karelian soil, they have their own water source near the house, and they offer such forest delicacies on the table that any desire to eat any "city" food disappears. They take care of everything in everyday life: from the heat in the house to the education of their five children. I didn't feel any perversion, any dirt when we swam together in the nude in that deep cold lake: you and Andrey Obruch, me and expecting Lena, their and our own children. In the summer they bathe in the nude several times a day: as there are many children, why should they create unnecessary problems with constant changes of clothes and drying wet swimming suits? Their naturism is simply a natural and normal part of their life in the Nature.
Unfortunately, the "civilized" naturism must get along with such extras as voyeurism for example. But even here the naturism can be very different. The question is what is its main purpose. I formed my opinion, and you helped me in that, you and other people whose point of view is respectful and whose spirituality and the morals are above all doubts."
P.S. I counted: It has been 11 years since our first swimming "au naturel" during our honey moon until the moment my spouse started to consider herself a naturist. But please don't believe that all these years I annoyed my wife. We simply lived together, reared our children, travelled and associated with many interesting people – without stopping to learn.
done by x-lab
Translated to English. Publication authorized. Original text is here