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fr KIRIKOU and the Witch, the Movie

cov/bib_kirikou.jpg - Author : Michel Ocelot
- Editor : France Télévision Distribution
- ISBN : B000058DUR
- Date : 06-2002
- About : Another adventure of Kirikou, this African boy who is not afread to go naked in Africa and to fight horrible creatures.
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- Illustrations : Ill. 1 Ill. 2 Ill. 3
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fr TO LIVE NAKED: Looking for the Lost Paradise

- Author : Robert Salis
- Editor : Mars Films
- ISBN : 198762
- Date : 04-1994
- About : This unique video is a guided tour of the little known world of naturism. Who a really those naturists? Find the answers here.
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fr TO LIVE NAKED: Full Version

cov/bib_paradisperdu.jpg - Author : Robert Salis
- Editor : K-Films Video
- ISBN : 413050
- Date : 07-1998
- About : A trip into the heart of the naturist world, showing the amateurs of the free body, to whom the nudity is not taboo anymore, in the quest of feeling in harmony with the nature, of hapiness without complexes, and of the lost Paradise hidden profoundly in each of us.
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fr TO LIVE NAKED: Full Version

- Author : Robert Salis
- Editor : Optimale
- ISBN : B0009K8S4G
- Date : 04-2005
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en Canada Naturally - 1

cov/bib_canadanat1v.jpg - Author : Richard West
- Editor : Events Unlimited - Elysium Growth Press - Internaturally
- About : Probably the most beautiful aand joyful of naturist movies ever produced, it shows naturist resorts in Québec and Ontario.

en Canada Naturally - 2

- Author : Richard West
- Editor : Events Unlimited - Elysium Growth Press - Internaturally
- About : The second part continues with the theme of youth.

fr Tom and Lola

cov/bib_tometlola.jpg - Author : Bertrand Arthuys
- Actors : Neil Stubbs, Marc Berman, Cécile Magnet
- Editor : Vidéo Fil à Film
- Date : 1989
- About : Tom and Lola are both 9 years old. Since their birth, they live prisonners in a bubble, with the world around them forbidden. Their little world is professor Vaneau, their 'prison guard' Hélène, his assistant caring as mother, and Catherine, Tom's mother. Tom and Lola dream of a country where air is pure: Alaska... A movie for young and old, loving and poetic.
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en Tom and Lola

- Author : Bertrand Arthuys
- Actors : Neil Stubbs, Marc Berman, Cécile Magnet
- Editor : Vidéo Fil à Film
- Date : 1989
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de Ronia, the Robber's Daughter (Ronja Rövardotter)

cov/bib_ronja.jpg - Author : Tage Danielsson
- Actors : Hanna Zetterberg (Ronya), Dick Håfström (Birk)
- Editor : France Télévision Distribution
- ISBN : B00004RMGQ
- Date : 1984
- About : After the book of Astrid Lindgren. A tale for young and old, witth images of an unforgettable purity. The movie produced jointly by Sweden and Norway, has a tremendous educative value, for children but also for parents. My opinion : every family must have it in their video library.
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en Robby

- Author : Ralph Bluemke
- Actors : Warren Raum (Robby), Ryp Siani (Friday)
- Editor : Award Films International
- ISBN : B000K7LOL2
- Date : 1968
- About : Robby is a little boy who is stranded on a desert island. Soon he discovers he is not alone. An aborigene boy of his age lives there alone since the death of his mother. They become friends quickly. Of course, what are the clothes for if you live on a desert iland?..
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- Illustrations : Ill. 1 Ill. 2 Ill. 3 Ill. 4 Ill. 5 Ill. 6 Ill. 7
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en Bare Lake

- Author : Otto Heis
- Date : 1999
- About : Mark, an exchange student visiting and studying in Germany offers a verbal prelude to Europa Sun’s Naturist Film 'Bare Lake'.

fr Half-Price

- Author : Isild Le Besco
- Actors : Kolia Litscher (Romeo), Lila Salet (Launa), Cindy David (Leo)
- Date : 2003
- About : Three children are abndoned by their mother. They live alone and try to keep that fact hidden. Having no adults around, the children (boy 9 and girls 7 and 8) opt for a nudist life at home.
- My Opinion : From an interview with the film director: After the movie was released, somebody asked me why the kids were often seen naked. To me, they are so natural and animal that it would be really strange not to see them naked.
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fr Lulu's Venus

- Author : Daniel Losset
- Actors : Caroline Laurence (Vénus), Maxime Boidron (Lulu)
- Editor : Canal +, France 3
- Date : 1991
- About : In this movie, there is a foreign naturist couple heading home from a French naturist resort (don't know wich one). She is sleeping in the RV while he is driving. When a tire gets flat and he stops to replace it, she goes out sleepwalking, without beeng seen by her husband. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a country side, naked and knowing no word in French... She is discovered by a boy (the famous Lulu from the title) who helps her to find her way.
Unfortunately, it is not a story of a lost naturist, but a story of the boy, where the meeting with a naturist is just a 'trigger' of his adventures.

en The Beauty of Vice (Lepota poroka)

- Author : Zivko Nikolic
- Actors : Mira Furlan (Jaglika)
- Editor : Centar-Film (Belgrad)
- Date : 1986
- About : Mira plays 'Jaglika' a culturally repressed innocent who with her equally unworldly husband journey from their home in the stark and rocky Bosnian mountains to the summer resorts on the sun drenched beaches of the Dalmatian coast. She finds a job in a naturist resort...
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fr Naked World

cov/bib_nakedworld.jpg - Author : Arlene Donnelly Nelson
- Actors : Spencer Tunick, Ron Kuby, Alec Von Bargen
- Editor : HBO Home Video
- Date : 2003
- About : One year. Seven continents. More than 6,000 naked people--all willing to bare all for Spencer Tunick in the name of art.
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en Naked States

- Author : Arlene Donnelly Nelson
- Actors : Spencer Tunick, Trey Anastasio, Ron Kuby
- Editor : New Video Group
- ISBN : B00005QBYT
- Date : 2000
- About : Photographer Spencer Tunick travels the U.S. in search of volunteers to pose nude for his photo-shoots, all of them done out in public
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en The Naked (Golasy)

cov/bib_golasy.jpg - Author : Witold Świętnicki
- Actors : Miłosz Turowski, Maks Turowski
- ISBN : B0000C8XZC
- Date : 2000
- About : The Naked takes place in an office where the characters are some clerks. The idea is mad but intriguing with everything looking normal - desks, phones, gossip, tea, coffee – but the clerks and customers are naked.
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en Naked Society (Goloe obshchestvo)

- Author : Sergey Zizjulkov - Сергей Зизюльков
- Editor : Al Cinema Video Ltd.
- Date : 1999
- About : The film explores nudism and how society deals with it.
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en Diary of a Nudist (1961) / The Naked Venus (1958)

cov/bib_diaryofanudist.jpg - ISBN : B000069HYZ
- Date : 08-2002
- About : They're nude but not lewd! Two nudist camp romps by two very different cult directors are together in the altogether for the first time!
'Diary of a Nudist' (USA, 1961, 72 min., Color)
- A newspaper editor stumbles upon a nudist camp and orders sexy ace reporter to expose its sinful ways. But surprise! She's so thrilled with the jaybird lifestyle, her diary of a nudist becomes a gleeful endorsement!
'The Naked Venus' (USA, 1958, 77 min., B&W)
- French sexpot Yvonne hides away at a nudist camp and fights back in court when her Mother-in-Law-from-Hell starts divorce proceedings over Yvonne's nude posing for the painting 'The Naked Venus.' But it all turns into a quasi-legal peepshow when films of her nature camp proclivities are shown to the judge!
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fi Gracious Curves (Naisenkaari)

- Author : Kiti Luostarinen
- Date : 1997
- About : This is a film on the significance of having a female body: the passage from infancy into adolescence, pregnancy, aging, and the change in the body under these diverse conditions.

fr Nue comme un verre

cov/bib_nuecommeunverre.jpg - Author : Corto Fajal
- Actors : Ludmila Ruosso
- Editor : Arwestud
- Date : 2001
- About : This short movie (20 min) could not be done without help of two naturist clubs in Rennes and St Malo who accepted the participation in the film.
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en Naked in the 21st Century: A Journey Through Naturism

- Date : 03-2006
- About : The history of nudism and nudist films is contrasted with the nudist lifestyle today in this entertaining documentary. Also follows the behind the scenes goings-on of two nudist feature films.
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ru The Girl and the Echo

- Author : Arünas Zebriünas
- Actors : Lina Braknite
- Date : 1964
- About : After a novel by Yu. Nagibin. A young 12-year-old girl is befriended by a boy who becomes her confidant in this sentimental children's story from Lithuania. When she is harassed by bullies, she is disappointed because her young friend did not come to her rescue.
- Illustrations : Ill. 1 Ill. 2 Ill. 3 Ill. 4

en The Same River Twice

- ISBN : B000742G2Y
- Date : 02-2005
- About : Cutting between footage of their youthful--often naked--live-in-the-moment existences and the complex realities of their adulthood today, the film travels the road from peyote to Prozac, creating a compelling portrait of cultural metamorphosis and the struggle to find one’s place in the world.
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nl Naakt (Naked)

cov/bib_naakt.jpg - Author : Albert Jan van Rees
- Actors : Roosmarijn Luyten, Frederieke Pijl, Sem Roeters (as Erik), Anke Van't Hof, Marike van Weelden
- Date : 2006
- About : Erik, an eight-year-old boy, goes for the first time in his life to the sauna with his mother.
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